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Solar Ascent helps home and business owners save money on energy costs by generating their own clean, renewable power. 

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Solar technologies have dramatically improved in recent years and worldwide adoption has made them more affordable than ever. Add that to the federal Greener Homes and provincial SolarHomes rebate programs available, there has never been a better time for Nova Scotians to go solar.

No more worrying about rising power rates.

Power rates continue to climb but the payments on your solar energy system financing stay the same every month. With 0% interest financing now available, you may be surprised at how affordable it is to lock in your long term savings.

Get the real numbers on how solar can save you money and protect you from rising rates.

It’s Nova Scotia’s time to shine.

Nova Scotians take pride in preserving the incredible beauty of our province. We’ve been early adopters in composting and recycling programs, and the province’s response to the SolarHomes rebate proves that we’re ready to show the world our commitment to being leaders in renewable energy generation.

Average Annual Power Bill Savings (Canadian Dollars)

What Can Solar Do For You?

Average Size of Solar Array (kW DC)

kilowatts (kW)

Average annual energy production

kilowatt hours (kWh)

Average annual power bill savings

$ Canadian dollars

That’s Equivalent To…


fewer kilometres


fewer pounds of coal



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Solar grassroots change is happening.
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Surprisingly Affordable

Solar prices aren’t what they used to be. Thanks to worldwide adoption and advances in solar technology, systems are now accessible and affordable for all Nova Scotians. For many people, the short term cost of adopting solar is only a few dollars a day more than they’re already paying for grid power! Not only can you feel good about off-setting your carbon footprint, those short term costs turn into long term gains quickly as grid rates go up and your loan is paid off.

Fantastic Rebates and Financing Available!

Like all good things, the SolarHomes rebate from Efficiency NS and Greener Homes loan and rebate from Natural Resources Canada will eventually come to an end. Find out how these fantastic programs have brought solar in reach of all Nova Scotians. Apply for your free, custom solar proposal for your home now to get in on the action!


Passionately Local

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Solar Ascent is your lifelong, proudly-Nova Scotian partner in green energy solutions. We’ve always been here and we’re here to stay. With a rich background in renovations contracting, we know homes from the foundation-up and we treat each client’s home with the care that we’d treat our own.

How it all started…

Founder and President John Jennex discovered his love for solar in the most organic way possible: by converting his Sprinter work van into a solar-powered camper for a three- month trip across North America. After hours of self-directed research and trial & error, John and his Solar-powered camper ended up at Solar Energy International in Paonia, Colorado – North America’s leading institution for learning about renewable energy systems.


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