We Make Solar Simple

To install a solar energy system there are hundreds of little steps to take a project from a concept to completion. Our goal is to ensure that the process to you is as easy as signing a few forms and letting us in to install! We’re really, really good at taking care of the rest.


We Help You Live Lighter

Our mission is to help homeowners in Nova Scotia off-set as much of their power consumption as possible with clean, renewable solar energy. Given the price of power from the traditional grid, we’re helping to ease your financial footprint too!


We’re the Responsible Choice for Your Forever Home

We know that for most people, their home is the most important investment they’ll ever make and their family is the most important thing to them. We feel the exact same way. Our installers are obsessed with the details and aesthetics, and work as diligently and safely as possible.


Morgaine Mason

Sales Manager

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After completing an undergraduate degree in Commerce from St. Mary’s University in 2018, Morgaine continued her education at Nova Scotia Community College where she took their Energy Sustainability Engineering Technology program. While at NSCC she volunteered as VP of Finance on the college’s Student’s Association, earned LEED GA accreditation and traveled to Austria as a participant at the University of Applied Sciences program for Women in Engineering. Upon graduation Morgaine gained experience working for a non profit organization aiding the town of Middleton and Annapolis Royal in energy efficiency projects. She started at Solar Ascent in March of 2021 as their Solar Systems Designer and moved on to the role of Sales Manager in January, 2022. Morgaine helps homeowners discover the benefits of solar energy and her attention to detail is a great asset as she is responsible for project application and submissions.

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Nick McGrath

Finance Manager

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Nick McGrath comes to Solar Ascent with over 15 years of project, product and people management experience and is working to ensure that Solar Ascent grows responsibly and sustainably through people centric leadership and process focused operations. He is a  Professional Engineer in Nova Scotia and holds a Master of Business Administration from St Mary’s University. Before joining Solar Ascent, Nick provided business consulting and advisory services to entrepreneurs of all experience levels, businesses of all sizes (50K to 50M in annual revenue) and in all sectors (investing, landscaping, fashion, manufacturing, engineering, marketing, construction, etc.) to develop sustainable processes and streamline operations.

Tristan Glen

Operations Manager

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Tristan started with Solar Ascent in 2019.  He previously worked in environmental air testing, wilderness conservation, and wind energy; he was eager to be part of the solar movement in Nova Scotia. What he loves most about solar energy is how scalable the systems are, allowing for grassroots adoptions.  Individuals can take control of where their energy comes from; empowering them with power from the sun!  As Operations Manager, Tristan sees each installation through from the pre-installation site visit, to the final inspection and activation of the solar energy system. He loves that no two projects are the same, and handles every installation with care and attention to detail.  When not organizing installations, Tristan can be found bushwhacking and exploring the many wilderness areas of Nova Scotia. 

Kendall MacLean

Installation Crew Lead

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Although originally operating with aspirations for technical greatness, Kendall escaped the world of aerospace engineering to travel and teach. He landed back in Nova Scotia just in time to catch an exciting and sometimes dramatic increase in interest in the solar energy sector. He brings small tool skills, technical experience, and a sardonic wit to the team.

What he particularly loves about solar is that it represents concrete action that individuals and families can take to help mitigate the ongoing climate crisis. It is a small but important contribution to our necessary reduction in fossil fuel dependency. Plus, there isn’t as much controversy attached to solar power generation as there is to, say, wind power – it’s just cooler technology!

When he’s not clambering about on a rooftop, Kendall can typically be found happily climbing rock somewhere, or maybe trying to surf.

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Marc Comeau

Installation Technician

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Marc signed on as an install technician with Solar Ascent at the end of the 2020 season and was very keen to learn a new trade and join the renewable energy movement. With over 15 years of customer service experience, largely in the food and beverage industry, Marc has long since recognized the customer as the single most important stakeholder in any business. Prioritizing their needs and ensuring they have a positive experience has become ingrained in the way he works, and conducts himself, on or off the roof. As a graduate of NSCC’s Business Administration program, with a focus on marketing and entrepreneurship, Marc brings a versatile skill set to the table and fits in well with Solar Ascent’s holistic approach to running a business. Marc has also been running his own leathercraft business for almost 10 years, which means he is no stranger to working with his hands and dedicating himself to a project with an obsessive attention to detail. With a passion for environmental conservation, Marc is thrilled to be helping fellow Nova Scotians reduce their carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels and is highly motivated to see as many households as possible convert to solar.

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Will Maclachlan

Installation Technician

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With unique experience in off grid construction, knife sharpening, and graphic design, Will joined the team at Solar Ascent in the spring of 2021. It was through his studies at Dalhousie University in the College of Sustainability, where he found a passion for the green economy and renewable energy. Will’s role as installation technician is to get a solar energy system on your roof effectively and as safely as possible. He also brings quite a few laughs to the site, and appreciates a good view from the roof, as well as sunscreen, Will loves sunscreen. Off the roof, Will chips into the marketing and graphic design work behind the scenes here at Solar Ascent. What he loves most about the Solar Industry in Nova Scotia is the affordability, allowing all walks of life the ability to have some autonomy on their home’s power. When Will’s not installing solar, you can find him in the ocean surfing waves all along the coast of Nova Scotia.

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Stephen Dowdy

Installation Technician

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Stephen graduated with a Bachelor’s of Human Ecology on the rocky coast of Mount Desert Island, Maine. There, he explored entrepreneurship, sustainability, and food systems, and concurrently worked as a baker.
Stephen joined Solar Ascent in the spring of 2022. Supported by conscientious training from his new colleagues and a grant from the Clean Foundation, he is delighted to play a role in the green economy. He loves solar energy in the same way he loves a good loaf of sourdough bread: it requires hands-on teamwork, ecologically-minded collaboration, and a commitment to detail.

When he’s not modelling your new photovoltaic system or installing on a roof, you can occasionally find Stephen biking the scenic routes of Nova Scotia, writing letters on his absurd collection of typewriters, or strumming on a banjo.

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John Jennex

Founder / President

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After a decade as a carpenter and renovations contractor, John discovered solar energy and fell in love in 2018. Since then John has personally installed nearly a half a megawatt of solar panels across Nova Scotia, and trained Solar Ascent employees on the best practices for installations. Educated at St. Mary’s University with an undergraduate degree, Algonquin College in Perth, Ontario with a diploma in Construction Carpentry / Advanced Housing, and Solar Energy International in Paonia, Colorado with a diploma in Residential and Commercial Solar Photovoltaic Installations, John has a rich background in quality work and eye for detail. This ethos has propelled Solar Ascent to the premier installation firm in NS.

Read further to learn more about how Solar Ascent got started!

Founder and President John Jennex was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He holds a “Residential & Commercial Photovoltaics Systems Certificate” from Solar Energy International and is certified through the North American Board of Certified Energy Professionals (NABCEP) as an Associate.


John discovered his love for solar energy in a very organic way: while planning to take a break from renovations contracting, he converted his Sprinter work van into a solar-powered camper for the road trip of a lifetime. The camper conversion included a single 340w solar panel on the roof, which John learned to properly and safely install through hours of online research. The panel was hooked up to batteries along with equipment that would allow John to run lights, fans and a mini-fridge in the Sprinter. Then, he hit the road on a trip that led him across the continent and back.


Once bitten by the solar bug, it was impossible to shake, and John explored options for the best path to certification. All roads pointed in the same direction – Solar Energy International (SEI). Based in Paonia, Colorado, SEI is considered North America’s leading institution for learning about renewable energy systems, especially photovoltaic solar energy systems. Founded in 1991, SEI is a non-profit organization that continues to do amazing work around the world educating people on the benefits and possibilities of solar. Be sure to check them out

That’s how Solar Ascent got started – John’s passion and knowledge of solar energy brought him (and his Sprinter) to Colorado to get certified, and that passion and knowledge is what drives our company today. 


We at Solar Ascent believe in a world more sustainably-lived, and that sustainability is accomplished through the actions of each and every one of us. At Solar Ascent, our education sets us apart. Our background in renovations contracting gives us an unparalleled attention to detail and ethic of craftsmanship. Our designs are produced with the most accurate modeling software available.  We use the best equipment on the market and we have an industry-leading warranty program.

We’re making solar simple.

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