Why Winter is a Great Time to Install Your Solar Energy System

Jan 15, 2019

It comes as a surprise to most people, but winter is actually the perfect time to install your solar energy system! While summer’s warm and sunny temperatures (well, if we’re lucky here in NS!) may seem like the more natural time to install your panels, the winter months are an equally great time and even offer some benefits over installing during the summer.

If you’ve been interested in taking advantage of the limited time rebates and incentive programs, saving money, and protecting the environment by installing a solar energy system onto your home, now is actually the perfect time.

Here’s why.

Avoid peak season

As most people associate solar energy with the summer, that is definitely our peak season. As the warmer weather sets in, our schedule quickly fills up, which can add in a bit of a wait time to your installation. Solar installations typically aren’t as popular during the winter, so you’ll avoid any wait times and get your system up and running right away. 

Be ready to take advantage peak sun season

Your solar energy system works great all year round, but summer is peak calibrating season. Getting your system installed now means you’ll be all set to take full advantage of the summer sun and gather all the energy you need to cover you through the next fall and winter. 

Get you system installed before vacation

With summers as short as ours are here in Nova Scotia, we think every minute possible should be spent enjoying yourself! Rather than spending your precious summer time on anything other than beach days and BBQs, get your solar energy system installed now.

Limited time incentive programs

As we mentioned here, Efficiency NS’s SolarHomes rebate is an amazing program that is making switching to solar energy affordable and accessible for all Nova Scotians. However, funding is limited and is only expected to cover approximately 2000 homes. While we do anticipate this lasting past the summer, getting your system installed now will ensure that you don’t miss out.

If you have any other questions or concerns about solar energy during the winter, make sure you check out our post here, or as always, send us a message.

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