Why should you consider installing a commercial solar array on the roof or property of your business?

Solar allows you to take control of your business’s energy costs.

By installing a solar energy system you are less susceptible to increases in energy costs from the utility. You can produce some or all of your energy needs with the solar energy system with predictable payments on any loans associated with it.

Solar becomes more affordable at scale.

Typically businesses consume more energy and have larger areas to house a large commercial solar energy system. The larger the system, typically the lower the installed cost per watt. This allows larger arrays to pay themselves off more rapidly so you can generate more free, renewable energy after the fact. Typically it’ll take 10 years to generate enough energy to recoup the initial investment, then it’s 15-20 years of free energy!

The times they are a-changin’!

Consumer attitudes have been evolving and there is a lot of brand benefit to installing a solar energy system for your business. Stand out from the crowd in your industry by generating your own renewable energy to help off-set your carbon footprint – and tell people all about it!

Why should you work with Solar Ascent?

We know that as a business owner or executive you have a lot on the go! We pride ourselves on making solar simple and will take the project from start to finish with as much or as little involvement of yours in the process as you’d like. 

We’re members of the community and forging long term, positive relationships is incredibly important to us. From the planning phase through to commissioning we will ensure that your goals are met and the utmost care of your property is taken. We pay a living wage to all of our employees, donate to local environmental charities, and are just generally very pleasant to deal with. 

We’ve got the experience. With four years and a megawatt of solar panels under our belts we know the best practices and best equipment to ensure your system operates problem-free for decades! 

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