At Solar Ascent we know that doing great work for great clients is the best way to find more great clients! That’s why we’ve made our referral program even stronger.

We like to say thanks to our existing clients that spread the word about us by sending along a $250 Visa Gift card once the referred project is complete. Some of our clients are drastically speeding up the payback of their systems by telling everyone they know about us!


Gift cards ready to go!

In the spirit of giving, we’ve also updated our program so not only the referrer can benefit, but the referree too! When you request your (FREE) customized solar proposal for your home, just let us know who sent you, and we’ll knock $250 off your project price, in addition to the gift to your friend who sent you!

 Who doesn’t like telling people about a service and product that you love anyway! Spread the gift of a reducing your carbon footprint this year!