Santa’s Sleigh and Your Solar Panels: What are the Implications?

Dec 24, 2018

Well the big day is finally here! In just a few hours, Santa and the reindeer will begin their rounds.

If you’ve recently had a solar energy system installed, you may be wondering if it’d be better to have Santa park the sleigh on your lawn this year rather than your brand-new solar panels, but we want to put your mind at ease! Santa and solar are a match made in heaven, and we promise you that you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Santa is the original environmentalist.

Long before we got our acts together and started switching to renewable resources, Santa was driving the original hybrid. His preferred mode of transportation is, of course, a refurbished wooden sleigh pulled by his trusty team of grass-fed free-range reindeer.

Because environmentalism is so close to his heart, you can rest assure that Santa takes extra care to land his sleigh properly, without any damage to your panels. And we’ve heard from a very reliable source that there’s a good chance of making it onto his Nice list if you have a solar energy system offsetting your carbon footprint!

His sleigh has the latest solar friendly upgrades.

Due to global demand for solar energy systems, Santa had his trusty team of elves upgrade the runners on his sleigh and design shoes for the reindeer made from a composite material to avoid scratching the glass face of solar modules. Not only will these upgrades protect all of your solar equipment, but they’re also fair trade and made from recycled materials!

You’re protected under our Sleigh Warranty

Should there be any kind of slip-ups, we’ve got you covered. Any sleigh and reindeer induced damage to our rooftop solar modules will be covered under our excellent warranties! 

(Please note that our clients may notice a brief spike in PV production Monday night due to the irradiance from Rudolph’s nose.) 

We hope this gives you peace of mind this Christmas Eve and wish you all a very merry holiday season!! 

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